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Cosmic Consultant

Since my ISS mission in 2013, I have been supporting space companies in advising, planning and executing space missions. My core competences in high atmosphere research, space technology and operations in weightlessness are in execution and planning.

With over 10 years of experience in the space industry, I am your trusted advisor in well-prepared questions.

I look forward to your inquiry!

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Moon 80 € / Hour

Earth 75 € / Hour

Intergalactic 150 € / Hour

10/2016 - heute

Mission on Mars
SpaceX, Hawthorne
Role: Head of Astronautics
Team size: 180
For the goal of a manned mission on Mars, I took over the senior role of Head of Astronautics at SpaceX in 2016. I was responsible for the department of cosmonautical planning and research. These included budget management, personnel planning and regular analyzes and reporting to the management.
Astrometry Budget Planning Human Resources Management
01/2014 - 07/2016

Space Consultant
ESA Headquarter, Paris
Role: Kosmonautische Beratung
Team size: 55
For future research and space projects, I assisted the ESA Council in cost and resource planning and decision making. In doing so, I took over the planning for a project under development that could reduce the weight of spacecraft exterior trim by up to 50%.
Cosmonautical Consulting Workshop Project Management
08/2010 - 05/2013

Earth climate research
ISS, Erd-Orbit
Role: Astronaut
Team size: 6
During my two-and-a-half-year stay on the international space station, I explored the values of cosmic cosmic rays and solar radiation fluctuations in relation to the Earth's climate. In addition, I successfully performed operations on the space station in weightlessness.
Operations in weightlessness Upper Atmosphere Research Climate Research
01/2009 - 06/2010

ISS Preparation Training
NASA, Houston
Role: Astronaut
Team size: 350
For my planned stay on the ISS I completed the preparation training at the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston Texas. Here I trained on an underwater model of the ISS and with computer simulations the operation and maintenance of the space station both inside and outside as well as dealing with emergency situations.
Space Station Operation Space Station Maintenance Basics of space medicine
07/2005 - 12/2008

Training as an astronaut
EAC European Astronaut Center, Köln
Role: Astronaut in Ausbildung
Team size: 200
At ESA's European Astronaut Center I was one of 10 candidates from 8,000 applicants that I completed my training as an astronaut. Here I learn the space technology and science as well as extensive knowledge in the astrophysics of the spacecraft. From this I emerged as the favorite for a mission on the ISS in cooperation with NASA.
Space Science Space Technology Astrophysics
Skill Ups
Manual of space technology
Book | Duration: 7 days | Link
In addition to my occupation as Head of Astronautics at SpaceX, I have broadened my knowledge of space technology and continued my training in the management of space projects. This enabled me to improve my skills in project, quality and cost management and to expand my knowledge of space law.
Project Management Quality Management Cost Management Space Law
2018 Sagan Summer Workshop
Workshop | Duration: 7 days | Link
During my visit to the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute's five-day workshop, I was able to supplement my knowledge with the topic of exoplanets. This includes in particular the study of planets in terms of gravitation, matter, orbit and temperature to evaluate the possibility of human life on these.
Astrometry Photometry Transit Method
The colonization of the moon
Book | Duration: 9 years | Link
For the first time in my book, I dedicated myself to life on other planets. The book explains how life on the moon could be made possible and proves this with a technical, financial and cosmonautical study
Moon Research Exoplanets